WESEMA has a world wide reputation in high quality, reliability, optimum service and competitive prices. The experience and efficiency in the sector of standard products according to the catalogue was also offered to the mechanical industry from the beginning on.

WESEMA is specialist in solving problems, innovation, speediness and cost reduction which offers a great benefit to the customer.

WESEMA offers also an excellent performance in manufacturing small series of 500, 1000 or 2000 pieces. But also 50 pieces will be produce to very reasonable prices on demand. Of course bigger series are made with pleasure, too.

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Knives for electric plate shears, circular-knives, planner-knives but also multistage produced articles are delivered as finished product. The articles are ready for installation into machines or (as accessories) ready to sell.

WESEMA produces since 35 years for reputable manufacturers of electrical power tools.

Sawing, punching, shaping, flat- and circular-smoothing are offered as wage labour.